Amma Take You To Da Moon ft. Phocks

from by Science



Wanna get you all alone, not because you're lookin fine.
Wanna show you something new, we're gonna travel space and time
It's not that I don't like this place, just hangin in my crib.
I wanna go to outer space, I wanna kiss that pretty face.
I'll give you anything you want.
I got VIP and caviar,
Im gonna take you anywhere you want I knew it right from the start, we gonna get to the stars.
And if you stick with me you know I'll make it true.
When i get you here and we're alone in my room
Ah munna take you where the atmosphere gon' kill you
You're such a bonafide woman gonna go to the moon

I got the Benz in the parking lot, My ships prepared for flight
Your legs are super smooth, they got me feeling right.
My rockets made for 2, so fresh and comfortable.
Strap in and grab a brew, nothing that we cant do.
We're traveling through the milky way, it's King Me! and I'm here to stay.
I'm gonna take you very far away, just snap some pictures honey
I'm makin lotsa money now
Baby, My moon rover's got the fattest wheels
Baby, tell me how you feel amongst the rocks and craters
Ditchin all the bitches and the player haters
Let me hear you Phocks

Come in mission control
is moon doggy style a position you know?
if not amma give you a free course
just tell me how feels when I'm hittin your g-force
Movin light speed faster and faster,
show you things that were initially developed for NASA
What you think I wanna pice of that ass for
got ya gaspin askin (gonna go to the moon)
I'm prepared to either land of lift off
I'm your Captain Commander Bischoff
Head spinnin like you're up in orbit
Got me feelin weightless like we fell in a ball pit
I called it first time i saw through my visor
Amma take you higher than the enterprise
or maybe another starship, amma space cadet
We'll find water on the moon when i make you wet.

You know you're fly when you're in my room
you're such a fly motherfucker gonna go to the moon.


from Don't Panic!, track released September 13, 2011
Written by Alexander Paul
Bass by Alexander Paul
Keys by Tomasz Garnek
Guitar by Evan Thomas
Guitar by Darren Defranco
Drums by Steve Kunzel
Rap written and performed by Kevin Bischoff (Bisch the Phocks)



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